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emomix's Journal

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a new community where you can share great new emo/punk/rock music with others from lj. and you can get stuff, too.

there aren't many rules. i just wanted a community where people could trade some good "emo" [hey, it's all inclusive, even if you loathe the term].

but there are some rules.

this is an open community, but if you want any chance in hell of getting a tape, send the following information to emomix@musician.org ...
1) your name or alias
2) your lj name
3) your e-mail address
4) your mailing address

i'll probably accept you into the ring if i'm feeling nice that day. if you find somebody you'd like to trade with off the bat, that's great. if not, i'll attempt to set some people up.

tapes are acceptable [after all, mix tapes were the original thing], but cds are probably preferred. if you have a burner you're in great shape. if not, that's ok, too.

tell your friends about us. the more people that join, the more music you get to hear.